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Welcome to Greymouth High School local businesses online.

Why have a section for local businesses?

We believe in working with local businesses for mutual benefit:
• We train your future employees and we know what their qualifications mean
• You can help us to offer training that better suits your needs, eg through work experience.

In addition, we have daily contact with about 200 young adults: we can advertise training or employment opportunities and assist you in your recruitment where that is suitable.

How can you get involved?

Schools are systematically under funded
You can sponsor a school activity or make a donation. In return we will discuss with you how we can promote your business.

Students need to learn to work in the ‘real world’!

You can offer a student a work placement through work experience or Gateway (Gateway is a formal type of work experience in which students are assessed by Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) at their workplace). This may be one day a week or more. Clicking here will put you in contact with our staff who can discuss with you in detail how things would work.

Greymouth High School seeks feedback on our courses

It is always good to know how we are seen by our community and what we can do better. Please contact us if you have any concerns or ideas.

If you have good ideas for making this page more useful for you, please email by clicking here.

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