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Welcome to Greymouth High School parents online.

This part of our website is intended to be a tool for you to find out about your child’s education so you can help him or her to achieve. It should also help you keep on top of what’s happening at Greymouth High School.

At the the useful links page you will see links to suggested websites with descriptions of what they’re good for. We hope to add extra functions here for communicating with us.

School Links

We are now able to offer you School-links which lets you register free for:

  • Secure two-way text and email alerts for all general communication such as school closures and sports cancellations etc
  • Secure text or email alerts when your child is marked absent or you want to notify us of absences
  • Newsletters and notices online

School-links works with the Ministry of Education and other school software to continually bring us the best ways of communicating between school and home.

Please register by clicking here. This will activate your account which is linked to us. You will then receive an email confirmation from School-links with your username and password.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email them by clicking here.

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