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For those of you new to the weekly note reporting system the purpose of the Weekly Note is to ensure that the whole community surrounding each student is kept aware of their attitude to learning and progress at school. Parents will be made aware in “real time” of how their son’s and daughters are working in their classes. The subject teacher, Dean and Pastoral Care staff will be able to track and support those students who are not reaching expectations.

The Weekly Note reminds students that their progress at school is being monitored by their teachers and parents. Students will receive constant and regular reminders about what they should be doing to achieve.

By using weekly notes we hope;

  • To encourage subject teachers to think about our individual students once a week.
  • To encourage us to hold discussions about effort with individual students.
  • To encourage students who are making a very good effort.
  • To be proactive in dealing with individual students whose efforts are poor or in decline.


As a general guide, a Weekly Note of 3 is regarded as satisfactory.

1= Very Poor – Negative, Disruptive, Consistently Late, Disorganised, Unprepared, Uncooperative

2= Poor – Inconsistent, Late, Unmotivated, Erratic, Often Unprepared

3= Satisfactory – Generally on Time, Makes Ordinary Effort, Meets Basic Requirements

4= Good – Punctual, Participates, Positive, Prepared, Organised

5= Excellent – Enthusiastic, Punctual, Participates Willingly, Well Organised, Cooperative


Students who are maximising their learning opportunities should be scoring in the 4-5 range consistently

Weekly notes will be emailed out to parents and caregivers on a Friday and will also be sent to the students school email address that we are currently setting up for each student.

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