Please complete the form below. There are permission forms also attached as well as a list of documents we will require.

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We will always try to contact the carer named above first, however should we be unable to do so, we require the name of an emergency contact person who is not named above e.g. a grandparent, aunt or uncle, friend, neighbour, or another trusted person. This person will not routinely be sent school information.
Please provide details of a person located in town who we can contact if buses are not operating
Information contained in this form will not be released to any unauthorised person or agency (as detailed in the Privacy Act).
I understand that photographs taken by the school may be used to promote the school in various publications including the school website and Facebook page and agree that my child’s photograph may be used for this purpose.
Our role is to: support student activities at our school, support school activities and organise activities to raise funds. The Parents’ Association meet on the first Wednesday of each month during term time. Meetings are informative and include a report from the Principal about the school. These meetings are advertised in the school Newsletter. We welcome your involvement.
The funding received by schools only provides for the basic curriculum delivery. We pride ourselves by offering enhanced learning opportunities for all students. To allow this we rely on contributions from parents/caregivers. These contributions are detailed in the course outlines and on the stationery lists.
Our community has high expectations for our staff and students. To achieve the best possible learning for our students, we need to work in partnership: Board, Staff, Parents and Students. We ask parents/caregivers and the enrolling student to commit to and sign the following statement in support of the Partnership As parent/s or caregiver/s of a student at Greymouth High School, I/we accept the Values of the school that have been established by the Greymouth High School Board of Trustees (see below) and behavioural expectations and rules that support the Values. I/we acknowledge that these Values are in place to support all students to achieve as per the school’s Vision (see below). I/we are aware that the details of the student uniform and personal appearance are published in the Parent's Guide and the Student Handbook and that these will be adhered to. School behaviour standards are stated in the Parents’ Guide, the Student Handbook and in posters in many parts of the school. School routines are published in the Student Handbook and Behaviour Management System.
Greymouth High School prefers student cell phones to be kept at home. If a parent/caregiver judges that a cell phone is needed and a student brings a cell phone to school, such cell phones are not the responsibility of the GHS staff or board and no liability is accepted in the event of loss or breakage. At the beginning of each lesson, cell phones have to be turned off or silent and placed in either the box provided or inside the student’s bag.
I will comply with the school rules regarding cell phone use. I understand that my cell phone must be turned off or silent and must be placed in the class box provided or my bag at the start of each lesson. I understand that if a cell phone is used in class it will be confiscated for the day and I will not be allowed to collect it until after 3.05pm from the student office. I understand the consequences for inappropriate use of a cell phone. I agree that I will: ● Respect others, use appropriate language at all times and not slander or defame anyone. ● Not disclose personal information about anyone using my cell phone. This includes disclosing a person’s real name, telephone number, address or any other information which could be used against them. ● Not be in possession of, send, access, or store any material that is obscene or offensive or inappropriate. ● Use the cell phone responsibly and at the agreed times. ● Not use my cell phone to send false information. ● Respect the privacy of communications belonging to others. ● Not use my cell phone to send messages that bully or harass other students or pass on defamatory information about others. ● Not download inappropriate material from the Internet to a cell phone. ● Report any security problems regarding the use of a cell phone to a teacher. ● Be responsible for the security of the phone during the school day. ● Ensure that if I lend my cell phone to someone else that I will take responsibility for the appropriate use of it. I agree to all of the above stated rules and I acknowledge that any breach of the rules will result in the cell phone being confiscated and/or this Responsible Use Agreement being canceled.