Mixed results for our 1st XV team so far in 2022

Game 1 vs John Paul II – Wednesday 18th May

The first game of the season is always one the team looks forward to, and what better fashion than against our friendly rivals from up the road than against John Paul II hosted at McLean Park, Blaketown Rugby Grounds.

The game started off well for GHS with inspirational Captain Theo Barnett getting over the line only 4 minutes into the game. A scrum penalty against the put in within their own 22 made for an easier decision from our #7 to tap and go quickly and Griffin Thomas just missed the conversion with the ball bouncing off the upright but a solid first attempt. JPII answered back after a good build up of phases and a couple of individual strong runs put them over the line and added the extras to take the slim two point lead. GHS turn to build up multi phases holding on to the ball well and Jack Bolton got his name on the board giving GHS the lead back 10-7. The final say of the half went to GHS – this time Thomas recognising the space at the back putting through a perfect kick, a favourable bounce for Wil van der Geest made it a triple try half for our team.


What better time to score than just after half time?! Once again Thomas directing the field well put in a good kick building up the pressure for the opposition within their own 22. Support play from GHS on the kick chase forced the turnover, to then swing the ball out wide using the numbers well, Marty Rochford found the try line well using his pace to dot down in the corner. JPII answered back well under penalty advantage it was their turn to get the ball to the backs completely out pacing our boys, score still tight GHS 20 – 14 JPII. GHS got in for another try this time for Harrison Whittaker, they kept the ball in hand proving possession is key in this game. Harvey Tacon set up this try superbly making a lot of ground with Harrison being on the end of another good recycle. Callum Brown took over the kicking duties to add the extras. 

Our backline was reading the play very well throughout the game and Rochford decided again to put boot to ball pressuring the JPII backline forcing an accidental illegally hitting the ball dead. Our put in for the scrum on the 5m mark put us in a great attacking position. Captain Barnett came off the back of the scrum very well to go in for his second try of the game. JPII had the final say in the game with some very slick running and stepping to get through the defensive line, JPII getting in for their third try of the game.


Game 2 vs Darfield HS – Wednesday 25th May

A big day of travel for our boys off to Darfield for the second game of the season against Darfield High School made for an exciting clash of the schools.

GHS came away from the physical game with sore bodies and a few more serious injuries including a broken ankle, collar bone and some bloody noses. However, there were some great phases of play from our team stringing up three tries and converting two. Darfield just edging us out by one more try!

FULL TIME GHS 19 – 24 Darfield

Game 3 vs John Paul II – Wednesday 22nd June

The third game of on the 1st XV calendar was against John Paul II again – delayed after a bad stint of weather including thunder and lightning and poor field conditions from constant rain meant it had been a while since either team ran out on the park. This time the game was played at McMillan Park, Marist Grounds under a fresh coating on snow on Mt Cook made for a fresh breeze across the park.

The GHS team was a very different looking team from previous occasions with a lot of players ruled out through illness, injury or away on school trips. However, we were bolstered by some Westland HS players allowing the team to be a senior side, which meant our U15 Boys could focus on their own game at the similar time.

Our side looked bit more rusty than previous matches, but there were some great phases of play just being let down by small mistakes which came from a lack of time together especially with having more WHS players in the mix. Our less than ideal performance does not knock the excellent performance JPII put on the park, a well deserving win for our friendly rivals from up the road.


Upcoming Fixtures:

Game 4 – vs Nelson College Boarders, Matt Gunter Memorial – Friday 21st October

  • This is the 10th year of this memorial fixture and we hope to make it one to remember with multi sporting events between the two schools.
  • Any PAST Greymouth HS or Nelson College Boarders students who have been involved with this game previously are invited to compete in the curtain raiser to the 1st XV game.
  • Contact Maddy Crawford – sport@greyhigh.school – to register your interest to play.