HUGE win for the Senior Boys!

This was the first year that Nelson College Boarders brought their basketball teams to Greymouth for part of the Matt Gunter Memorial Sports Exchange, which was fantastic to have this opportunity for one of the most played sports at our school! 

Unfortunately we didn’t have the full regular 2020 Senior side with some injuries or trades classes commitments, this team was made of Joseph Cotterill, Bailey Russ, Sonny Haldene, Kaia Sinnott, Sam Selcraig with fill ins of Kieran de Klerk and JPII players of Jacob Smith, Caleb Mahuika and Geordia Gibson. All these boys played so well and we were so happy to give the opportunity to more players to get on the court for this special game.

The Seniors came out storming like the Juniors getting out to a solid 26-13 lead! They continued to stretch this impressive start with another big quarter 29-10 with Smith and Gibson from JPII showing their worth on the court. The rest of the game was total domination from our boys 26-8 then a massive 33-11 final quarter that saw the young Haldene light things up once again! FINAL SCORE: GHS 114 – NCB 42. It was great to have this final hit out for the boys as they were gutted not to attend tournament week with covid cancellations, so for our Year 13s of Selcraig and Sinnott they loved having a final rub around!

Thank you to referees of Robbie Barrow and Mr Robinson for officiating this exciting game, and to the Junior Boys for benching. Also big thank you to Coach Jack Olsen and Assistant Coach Zeal Calvert for running the boys and putting in so much work throughout the regular season.

NOTE: There are some photos to come! Will be updating when we get hold of them.