Impressive performance in recent competition!

Clark Fountain has been taking on moto sport again, this time in the technical skill riding of Trial Bikes rather than his Superbikes and he has been impressing!

He had his first major event of club riding just three weeks prior to the NZ Trial Bike Championships, meaning this was a big step up with the competition and pressure of performing. Clark came away with second place awarding him the title of 2NZ which he is “more than happy with the result”.

Clark Fountain – Trial Bikes NZ Champions — Image by: Trail Bikes

Clark had purchased a brand new trial bike from Australia, but unfortunately it wasn’t expected to arrive in the country until the day after this event. This meant Clark needed to borrow a bike that was 10 year old and outdated in comparison to his competitors in the Junior Category (14-19 year old). However in a technical event like this the bike only gives you so much edge, performing well is more about skill from the rider.

If you would like to see more of Clark in action on trial bikes check out this great video he made during lockdown for the house competition talent show – pretty impressive!

His next event is this weekend coming in Kaikoura hosted across 3 days, he is very excited to get hold of his new bike to compete at this event. Best of luck Clark!