Are you up for the epic multi-sport challenge?!

The widely popular World Multi-Sport Adventure Championships is right on our door step and we would love to have you competing for Greymouth High School in the 2022 event! We have a rich history of competing in the Coast to Coast with our first students taking up the challenge in 2015 and have had students representing the school every year since, multiple of whom have taken podium places.

The entries for the 2022 event open on the 8th of March 2021. Going off previous years it will sell out, especially as C2C is celebrating the 40th year of this fantastic event occurring.

If you are serious about wanting to compete in this epic event you must contact the GHS Sports Coordinator to express your interest and discuss what you need to do to enter. This event is not easy and requires you to be self motivated with your training and conditioning to ensure you can complete the event. The entire event totals 243km, literally you are travelling Coast to Coast via cycling, running and kayaking.

There are costs associated with the event, mostly around having the specific race gear e.g. proper running shoes, running packs, road cycle, compulsory safety gear, kayak, kayak equipment, plus the entry fee. The school may be able to assist you with providing some equipment.

You will also need to have the support of friends or family to be your support crew throughout the race, you cannot complete the race with these important members of your team. They assist you through transitions, bringing all of your gear through to each point, feeding you and of course that important moral support.


  • Stage 1a (Day 1)
    • Start Serpentine Beach
    • Run 2.2km (cyclist or kayaker)
  • Stage 1b (Day 1)
    • Cycle 55km
  • Stage 2 (Day 1)
    • Mountain Run 30.5km
  • Stage 3 (Day 2)
    • Cycle 15.5km
    • Run 1.3km (runner)
  • Stage 4 (Day 2)
    • 70km kayak
    • 400m run (runner)
  • Stage 5 (Day 2)
    • Cycle 69.5km
    • Finish New Brighton Beach (all team member can run down chute together)

Race Event Options:

Two Day, Three Person

  • Event is raced over two days by a team of three people:
  • One person cycles 55km on day one (Stage 2), 85km on day two (Stage 3 and 5)
  • One person mountain runs 30.5km (Stage 2) and short runs of 1.3km (Stage 3) and 400m (Stage 4).
  • One person kayaks 70km (Stage 4).

Two Day, Two Person

  • Event is raced over two days by a team of two people:
  • Teammate A:
    • Stage 1a 2.2km run
    • Stage 1b 55km cycle
    • Stage 3 15km cycle and 1.3km run
    • Stage 4 70km kayak
  • Teammate B:
    • Stage 2 30.5km mountain run
    • Stage 4 400m run
    • Stage 5 69.5km cycle

Two Day, Two Person Tandem

  • Both competitors complete the entire race together across two days.
  • Can use a tandem cycle or individual bikes.
  • Kayak using a double hull boat, can hire from organisers.

Two Day, Individual 

  • You complete the entire race by yourself across two days.
  • Day one: Stage 1a, 1b and 2.
  • Day two: Stage 3, 4 and 5.

Mountain Run

  • Only complete the mountain run stage of 30.5km.
  • Entry via ballot therefore not guaranteed a place.

NOTE: Secondary School students CANNOT complete the in the Longest Day Event (one day individual)