Podium finishes for our C2C athletes!

Callum Brown – Mountain Run

  • 1st / 5 School Boys
  • 6th / 113 Males
  • 6th / 186 Overall

Callum was the youngest competitor in the field and he finished his event just over 30 minutes behind the 1st overall athlete home, who was an Open Men’s runner. Plus he finished his race 23 minutes ahead of his next closest competitor in his category of School Boys. A very impressive run from this talented young athlete!!

Image by: Sport Dept.

Callum’s thoughts on his race:

How did you find the race? The race was fun but getting cramp at the top and having to run 17km with a cramp is not a good idea.

What was your favourite part? Probably getting over Dudley’s Knob and knowing that I’ve got downhill for the rest was a good booster in the mental game.

What was your least favourite part? Definitely Dudley’s Knob, it just hurts, your about 20km in and you’ve got a sharp uphill it’s just very annoying.

Did you achieve your goal? Well I was on to achieve my goal of 3:35-45 but obviously the cramp slowed me down but was still happy to get 1st in my category by 30 minutes.

Will you do the C2C again, if so what category? I’m hoping to do the 2-day individual at year 11 going into year 12 or 2023 and then going onto the longest day the year after.

Anything else to add? This whole event is a fun thing to do. It’s just hard to train for but is fun if you train right.

Image by: Sport Dept.

Finlay Brown and Clark Fountain – Two Person, Two Day

  • 3rd / 13 Open Men’s
  • 6th / 23 Males
  • 7th / 66 Overall

Finlay and Clark had to compete in the Open Men’s Category as there was no schools section in the 2021 event. There wasn’t much between the top 3 finishers is this category – 1st place finished in 12:48:37, 2nd 13:06:47 and our team in 3rd place 13:14:48. This only gives just over 35 minutes gap between 1st – 3rd! Great to see after racing 243km that teams are so close together.

Image by: Sport Dept.

Finlay and Clark giving their thoughts on the race:

How did you find the race? F: I loved the race! I found it really fun and I enjoyed it a lot especially the kayak, I just started hurting a bit towards the end of the kayak and that made it a little bit less enjoyable haha but other than that it was so fun! C: I found the race very challenging but running up the last little hill made the whole thing worth wild and made all the long hours of training pay off. It was an amazing experience and we couldn’t have done it without all the amazing support from school and our support crew.

What was your favourite part? F: My favourite parts were the parts in the kayak after the couple of rapids that I was nervous about where I didn’t come out and just felt a rush of excitement and I actually shouted “woo” after all of them because of how good I felt for not coming out. C: My favourite part of this endeavour was either eating two amazing mince pies after the mountain run or having an amazing dinner after the race.

What was your least favourite part? F: Again probably the kayak but just the section after Woodstock where you can see the finish and it just drags out for what feels like forever and at that point my legs had fallen asleep it was just slightly miserable but other than that it was really good, and the gorge section is stunning so that’s another plus. C: My least favourite part was having to get up on the second day after the run because the body was very tender and sore and later that day was a 70km bike ride into a headwind.

Did you achieve your goal? F: Well I think our overarching goal is just to give it our best shot and do the best we can so I think we did that. Our other goal was to beat our time from last year which we didn’t do but then I realised that the run section was on the road last year so it contributed to the time last year being a bit quicker. C: Overall I feel we achieved our goal and more just completing the event in my opinion is a huge accomplishment let alone getting a podium place. 

Will you do the C2C again, if so what category? F: I think I’m going to take a quote unquote “gap year” this year so that I can enjoy a full summer and not be training the whole time haha but potentially I could be interested in doing it again in 2023, I think doing it with my brother could be cool so that’s potentially an option. C: I would love to compete in the event next year for the 40th anniversary maybe even as an individual or just do the mountain run see what happens.

Anything else to add? C: I would like to thank everyone for the amazing support it definitely made a difference and our support crew for the late nights and early mornings and all the help everyone put in, couldn’t have done it without you!!

C2C Two Person, Two Day Team. — Image by: Sport Dept.

There were A LOT of West Coasters involved in different categories – past GHS students, local councilors and ambulance officers to name a few – Click HERE to view the results of any athlete, just type in their name.

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