Wednesday 12 Aug 2020: we return to CV19 AL2 for the rest of this week.

As of Wed 12 Aug, we will move back to CV19 Alert Level 2. At this stage, we know this will last for the rest of this week.

Whole-school assembly this week is cancelled at this stage. An extra mentor time (8.40-8.50) will happen on Thursday.

Planned trips (Franz Josef, Orana Park) go ahead with extra considerations for CV19 safety unless specifically notified.

MyMahi time will allow for reasonable discussion about Covid including reminding ourselves about the Level 2 rules (see below). It’s my view that the risk to us is very low but that sensible behaviours will keep us safe.

Mauri ora

Mr England

Our Health and Safety Plan is updated and is linked here. Please read it if you can. The biggest routines to get used to are:

  • If you’re sick, stay at home!

  • If you’re well, you can come to school in the normal way and at normal times

  • Hygiene routines:

    • no spitting or dropping tissues;
    • hand sanitise on entry to and exit from the school and on entry to and exit from each teaching space;
    • wash hands with soap and dry hands before leaving toilets;
    • contactless greetings;
    • sneeze/cough into elbow;
    • where sneezing/coughing contacts a shared surface this surface will be disinfected promptly;
    • maintain as much physical distance as is practical (1m is a guide);
    • walk to left and no running in corridors;
    • water fountains not to be used;
    • no sharing of bottles or other touch items which go close to the mouth/nose eg phones.
  • Lunch passes are suspended (exceptions below) for the duration of CV19AL2 meaning all students stay onsite (increased risk of transmission if students come and go). Passes to go home will continue. Year 13 students may sign out to work from home. Professional appointments (eg PHO, dentist) during school day are allowed (sign out at Student Office)

  • School day: mentor classes held daily at 8.40am

  • EOTC: planned trips go ahead with extra considerations for CV19 safety unless specifically notified.