The situation is evolving as we get more details, but this is what you need to know on the morning of Tue 21 April

Kia ora koutou


  • I believe the government is managing well and would not make this call without thorough evaluation – I trust them on this.
  • In our area we know we have a very low rate of infection so we are actually safer than many schools.
  • Our own team has been working really well as a team; we’ve developed some good systems; we are well placed to handle the challenges we’re given.

Need to know

  • Staff Only Day Tue 28 Apr means there will be no online tutorials that day (there will still be work available but it won’t be updated that day)
  • Children of essential workers in year 9 and 10 can return from Wed 29 Apr BUT if you can stay at home safely then you should stay at home. From our contact with parents so far we expect between 20 and 60 students
  • NCEA students continue to work from home and for those with no internet access we are ordering paper resources for the next two weeks
  • Bubbles of some sort will need to be applied at school (current max 10) 
  • Current (or possibly somewhat modified) arrangements for learning from home will continue so students onsite should not be expecting “normal” taught classes
  • We will have increased health and safety measures (physical distancing, use of sanitiser and handwashing, surface spraying, doors left open to reduce contact) and contact tracing (register of who is in contact with who) in place
  • This means life at school will be boring! No sport, no going offsite at breaks (food and drink will need to be brought)
  • Students and staff with any illness should stay at home.

We will post more detailed instructions later this week. Thanks for your support.

Andy England