A huge congratulations on her resent sporting achievement!

Ella Mahuika has been offered and accepted a sports scholarship to attend St Margaret’s College in Christchurch for 2021. This is an all girls school with close to 800 students from Year 1-13 and they have a fantastic sports program covering a huge range of sports but importantly basketball and netball which are Ella’s two main sports.

She has also recently trailed for the Waitaha U17s and has been selected in the squad. This requires a huge amount of commitment with weekly trainings over the hill but she is never one to back down from a challenge, plus her fantastic family are always there to support her.

Although we are gutted to have this fantastic sports woman and excellent human leave our school (for pure selfish reason that she will not longer be part of our school!), we are ecstatic that she is pursuing this opportunity and we wish Ella all the best for this next stage in her school career. Congratulations again!