Rugby Union is growing for girls!

Game 1 – Wednesday vs Buller HS

Buller was struck down by illness so we shared players from our sides to ensure a full 15aside game could be played. Excellent game of rugby for the first hit out of 2022 with the girls showing the boys how it is done! Their technique over the ruck and supporting each other was great to see for locking down the important fundamentals. Buller just game through with the win but it was still an excellent game to have for both sides.

A huge thank you to Coach Rob Maitland for all his work with this great group of girls.

Thank you again to Lynne Berry for capturing the action – Check out the photos HERE

Image by: Maddy Crawford

Game 2 – Wednesday 22nd June vs Mix of John Paul II and Westland HS players

This game was played as a 10 aside game of mostly GHS players (Blue) taking on mostly JPII players (Green) with WHS players in the mixed in both teams to even out numbers. 

It was a very fair contest between the two teams with all players showing off some excellent skills and fantastic team work that saw the game being a close fought battle and the Green team just edging through for the win.