This exciting group of boys is a very young team, full of speed and skill which is promising for the future of hockey at Grey HS.

Both games were played with 15 minute quarters, we were lucky that Westport and Greymouth had stunning weather, that was made even better being able having crowds there supporting both sides.

Game 1 – Tuesday 22nd Sept in Westport

Jack South opened up the scoring, it was a bit unknown who got it over the line but he claimed the goal. Kaleb Wisdom showed fantastic control and just squeezed it in the bottom corner. FIRST QUARTER: GHS 2 – BHS 0

Mitchell Smith was next on the board, scoring a fantastic shot from the top of the circle. Wisdom was in again with an excellent put back after a save from the goalie, this time making sure he found the back of the net. SECOND QUARTER: GHS 2 – BHS 0

Buller HS finally got on the board quickly from the start of this quarter. Smith got in for a double from a well worked PC. Buller HS got in for their second goal of the game. THRID QUARTER: GHS 1 – BHS 2

In the final quarter there were no goal scored. FOURTH QUARTER: GHS 0 – BHS 0

Great opener of a game for both teams, both teams put each other under pressure throughout the game but our boys were very happy to take the tight win. FULL TIME: GHS 5 – BHS 2

Game 2 – Thursday 24th Sept in Greymouth

Harry Shaw was on the board first from threading the needle after some great team work bringing the ball up the turf. South was in next with a cracking shot from a juggling act with the ball going high to then smash it into the back of the net. South was in again for a double in the first quarter – this was after a good series of play from our side, and great to finish off with another one on the scoreboard. FIRST QUARTER: GHS 3 – BHS 0

Connor Howe smashed in a goal off the rebound from the goalie hit it hard and low to beat the goalie. Buller HS were on the board with a lovely hit from the top finding the wing on the right post to beat our goalie. Smith got on the board in the second game making light work of multiple defenders dribbling through and slotted it just outside the stretch of the goalie. Shaw made it a double late in the quarter sweeping in a cracking shot that deflected off the defender well over the goalie’s head. SECOND QUARTER: GHS 3 – BHS 1

Buller HS scored again this time off a missed trap from GHS in a PC, it just dribbled over the line. THRID QUARTER: GHS 0 – BHS 1

Shaw showed excellent composure dribbling through defenders and was rewarded with a hat trick. Captain Howe received a perfect ball into the circle, being cool, calm and collected he flicked it past the goalie. FOURTH QUARTER: GHS 2 – BHS 0

More dominance from GHS in this game saw the pressure on the scoreline, couldn’t quite get into double digits like the girls but they played extremely well! FULL TIME: GHS 8 – BHS 2

Huge thank you to Coach Bermingham for running the boys team – excellent to have a coach with fantastic knowledge like yours in the ranks within the GHS Staff. 

We have a lot of talent coming through the school and for 2021 Winter Tournament we hope to send away a Boys Hockey Team. We are definitely in need of some more players as only having 12 for each game made it some very tough work on the team – let us know if you would like to play!