A strong mix of GHS and JPII made for a formidable combination!

The girls team had a strong mix of Grey HS and John Paul II players competing against Buller HS. Most of these girls have played together for a very long time through club and WC representative hockey, this bond could be seen on the field with the complete dominance from this side. Congratulations team!

Game 1 – Tuesday 22nd Sept in Westport

Our team was down in the Buller end for most of the first period of play, we had many opportunities with PCs. Captain Emma Boddy was in first with a very quick goal we blinked and missed it! Jess Stevenson (JPII Student)  was in next from a well worked PC play and Emma Boddy was in again to add to her tally. FIRST QUARTER: GHS/JPII 3 – BHS 0

Emma Boddy got her hat trick early in the second quarter from a great flat ball into the circle and she didn’t mess around to find the back of the net. Sami Donaldson (JPII Student) had a very tough angle to deal with, but slotted in a fantastic reverse stick goal. Caitlin Boddy got on the scoreboard with a cracking tomahawk shot. Alyssa Blacktopp who was waiting near the post received a lovely ball from Mikayla Stevenson (JPII Student) and got herself on the scorecard. Emma Boddy got fourth goal of the game this time having some great wee touches and good composure at the top of the circle to secure another goal. Jess Stevenson squeezed in another goal just before the end of a busy second period of play for our team. SECOND QUARTER: GHS/JPII 5 – BHS 0

Raphella Roper (JPII Student) made her appearance on the scorecard through quick thinking after a save from the Buller goalie to execute a nice wee reserve push shot. Mikayla Stevenson made her tally a double with a powerful smash into the goal from the top of the circle. THRID QUARTER: GHS/JPII 2 – BHS 0

Anna Donaldson worked with some tight spaces and defence to slot in her first goal. Caitlin Boddy received a handy reverse pass from sister Emma from the top of the circle finding Caitlin on the post to put the shot away. Blacktopp made it double through a powerful shot finishing off some more excellent play from the team. Emma Boddy got on the card for her FIFTH goal of the game, this time making the most from a rebound off the goalie’s pads. FOURTH QUARTER: GHS/JPII 4 – BHS 0

GHS/JPII team had total dominance over the Buller side making for a huge haul off goals, but also credit to our defensive end as they made easy work of turning over the ball again making it a quiet game for goal Hannah Neame not touching the ball once. FULL TIME: GHS/JPII 15 – BHS 0

Game 2 – Thursday 24th Sept in Greymouth

Once again Emma Boddy opened up the scoring for us with a light touch to finish off an easy shot. Jess Stevenson used her patience to wait for the opening to put away her goal. Emma Boddy was in for her second goal, this time from a nicely worked PC with Mikayla Stevenson giving a good touch putting Emma into a good spot for the goal. FIRST QUARTER: GHS/JPII 3 – BHS 0

Emma Boddy with her super work rate made it a hat trick this time showing off a great individual effort dribbling through players putting some serious pressure on her. Caitlin Boddy made easy work of a rebounded ball with a wide open goal after the Buller goalie ended up in a tangle with another player from the previous attempt. SECOND QUARTER: GHS/JPII 2 – BHS 0

Blacktopp got in for our only goal of this quarter with fatigue and the beating down sun putting the stress on the team. THRID QUARTER: GHS/JPII 1 – BHS 0

Mikayla Stevenson finally got herself onto the board with a strong smash from the top of the circle in a PC, and she had a great celebration for making that one! Blacktopp was under a lot go pressure for her second goal but found the back of the net well. Hat trick time for Blacktopp sneaking the ball past multiple Buller defence. The final goal of the game was again from Blacktopp who put in a huge final quarter effort and finished in style with a tomahawk shot that had plenty of power! FOURTH QUARTER: GHS/JPII 4 – BHS 0

Once again a dominating performance from this talented group of young ladies! Although the attacking end get the accolades with finding the back of the net, those defence at the back – especially Sam Friend and Katelyn Whitehead showed that they are very important positions to have! FULL TIME: GHS/JPII 10 – BHS 0

Outstanding effort in BOTH games girls! Very impressive and clinical showing on the field and such a versatile team with many players easily jumping into many spots around the turf. Congratulations on those HUGE wins!