Tough scoreline does not represent the excellent first game of the school season.

This year our combined Open Girls Team sees 10 Greymouth HS girls tee up with 10 John Paul II HS girls to create an impressive team of both experience and young exciting players. Some of the players are new to rugby union or contact sport all together but it doesn’t take them long to get into the swing of the game and leaving everything on the park.

All the girls have been putting in a huge amount of training leading up to the school rugby season with the fantastic guidance from Rob Maitland. Their performance on the field definitely demonstrated with a fantastic never give up attitude and some skills that would easily compare to the boys who play week in week out. Watch this space for this team of hard hitting young women! Very impressive with their play and they just need to learn a few more tricks of the game and they will be a force to be reckoned with!

PHOTOS – Thanks to the photographers for capturing the game, please click the link below to see some of the action

Thank you to referee Andrew Robb for officiating the game, excellent to have you on board and giving the players tips throughout as many this was their first game of rugby!

Open Girls Rugby GHS/JPII vs Buller HS — Image by: Sport Dept.


Losa Nusi (JPII) was in first for the game, showing some serious power being very hard to put down and easily busting through tackles. This was the only points of the half for our girls in the first hit out of the season.

Buller HS ran in an impressive six unanswered tries through some very quick and agile runners making it tough for our girls to get a hand on them, and when we did the Buller team showed excellent strength through fends.

HALF TIME: GHS/JPII 5 – 32 Buller HS


Similar to the first half our team was in first to put more points on the board and Nusi showed again how much of a handful she is on the rugby field making easy work through the defensive line.

Buller snuck in for another try to keep their tally ticking over nicely.

Nusi got a fantastic hat trick through hard running and being at the right spot being unstoppable close to the line.

Can you guess who scored our four try of the game?! Well is was Nusi AGAIN! This one was a team effort getting the ball nicely through the hands to find Nusi lurking close to the line again to make her tally five tries for the game. Sammy Donaldson (JPII) added the conversion on slowly bringing our scoreline closer to Buller.

These important tries from GHS/JPII sparked up the Buller side and they ran in another four tries stretching out the scoreline in their favour. Buller has some very talented players in the mix who read the defensive line well and continued to find the gaps outpacing our side.

FULL TIME: GHS/JPII 22 – 67 Buller HS

NEXT GAME: Open Girls vs Buller HS, Wednesday 19th May