Much improved scoreline for this determined team!

This week our Open Girls Team had 21 players in the mix including 7 from GHS, 9 from JPII and 5 from WHS to make for an exciting full complement of players! Pepa-Jay Boddy (GHS) very kindly pulled on a Buller jersey for the game as they were down a player.

The girls put together a much more completed performance learning from last weeks game to make for a fantastic fixture! At times we didn’t know which way the scoreline would go as both sides showed great understanding of the game at breakdowns and provided some entertained rugby with heavy defence and strong running.

Captain Emily Berry (JPII) lead the girls from the front and displayed a great amount of leadership and never give up attitude. The rest of the team followed on from Berry and we could not be more proud of them, none more so than Coach Rob Maitland. Coach Maitland has been working hard with the group week in week out and it can be seen from the performance on the field, thank you so much for everything you do for these girls!

Thank you to referee Andrew Robb for officiating the match for the girls! Great to have you back again and both sides loved having your tips throughout to improve their rugby knowledge.

Thank you Lynne Berry for photographing this awesome game – CLICK HERE to see some of the action

Open Girls Rugby vs Buller HS — Image by: Sport Dept


Our team started on with a bang with the strong runner of Losa Nusi (JPII) busting multiple tackles and being very hard to bring down to be the first one on the scorecard for the game.

Buller HS weren’t to be outdone, they have some very exciting runners who can glide through the defence line and got in for two quick tries, their kicker also converted one very well.

Nusi once again was very hard to put down, this time only a few meters out from the line and used a quick tap and go to get in for for her double. This drew the scoreline closer and put some pressure back on Buller.

A great break from Mikayla Stevenson allowed for our team to be in a good field position. Nusi found herself in the right place at the right time loving that close to the line action getting her hat trick. Sammi Donaldson added the extra two points from the boot with a great kick from someone who in her own words “is not a kicker!”.

Buller got in for two more tries before the half time whistle blew, they used their speed and agility to get on the outside of our players just being too quick down that sideline.

HALF TIME: GHS/JPII 17 – 24 Buller HS


Buller were first on the sheet using their speed and strength on the wing that we were having trouble with in the first half to stop.

We were close to the line again with the team working hard having some excellent phases of play, Nusi found herself once again ball in hand however this time having a run up and bumped a player off with such strength the opposition went flying and Nusi was in for another try under the posts. The U15 Boys watching in the stands were gob smacked to say the least by the power of Nusi! Donaldson added the extra points from an easy conversion spot.

Buller had a great well worked backline play off the scrum and found gaps in the defensive line to go in for another try.

Buller quickly followed that up with a mishandle from our side with a clever kick through and great gathering under wet conditions to go over the line.

We were in one more time getting close to the end of the game with Jess Beri (WHS) diving over the line from some broken play around the ruck to pull the score line in ever so slightly again.


NEXT GAME: Wednesday 26th May, Reefton.

We are excited to have a mini tournament scheduled for the girls in Reefton that will see us have two shorten versions of the game against Reefton AS and Buller HS – Best of luck team!