Nelson 27th – 30th August

Our young men are up for the challenge of Junior Tournament after a tough local season against Senior or Adults in the local competition. The team cannot wait to take on teams their own age! 

They are competing in the Boys Zone 4 A Grade with 11 other schools, including local rivals Westland HS who are in our pool. 

Games are being hosted at the five court Saxton Stadium – the team would love your support!

Team: Archie Haldane, Noah Smith, Noah Marris, Nathan Kelsall, Johnathan Mulhane, Ruben Rochford, Liam Russ, Charlie Taylor, Luken Reyland, Charlie Taylor.

Coach: Terry Parle – Manager: Gordy Iafeta

Image by: Sport Dept.

You can follow the teams results via GameDay

Day 1:

  • G1 – 11:30am vs Rolleston College
  • G2 – 6:30pm vs Hillview Christian School

Day 2:

  • G3 – 9:45am vs Darfield HS
  • G4 – 3pm vs Nayland College Development

Day 3:

  • G5 – 10:45am vs Westland HS
  • G6 – 4pm OR 5:45pm Quarterfinals OR 3 Team Round Robin

Day 4:

  • G7 – 9:45am Semifinals OR 3 Team Round Robin
  • G8 – 3pm OR 4:45pm Playoffs OR 3 Team Round Robin