3 wins, 4 losses – Great tournament for our young team!

Thank you to Manager Gina Beal for the write up below of the Junior Girls Basketball Tournament. Also a huge thank you to both Gina and Coach Craig Stanton for their excellent efforts in taking this talented young team away this year and the work throughout the season. Congratulations on an excellent tournament team!

Saturday 27th August – vs Hillmorton HS

Game 1 – The team started off strong scoring quickly and forcing turnovers which led them to build a lead of 20-4 in the first quarter. In the second quarter the team started to implement their set plays and while continuing to build their lead to 34-13. In the third quarter Coach Craig rotated the bench more, giving players game time and the opportunity to put into place the skills they have been learning at training. Everyone worked hard on both offence and defence, and the forced turnovers continued. Some fast breaks resulted in quick points again, and strong drives through the keyhole started drawing fouls, and gaining free throws, 46-22. The final quarter consisted of tight defence, intercepts and fast breaks. The girls showed they could play the full game at a strong pace, with determination and skill. Final score 62-27 to Greymouth High School.

Player of the Day was awarded to Captain Aamaria Beal for her leadership, setting up and executing set plays on offence, baskets, and for the many steals and rebounds she got on defence.

Aamaria Beal 16 points; Isy Maiava 14 points; Pyper Mahuika 14 points

Image by: Sport Dept.

Sunday 28th August – vs Ashburton College and Waimea College

Game 2 – Against Ashburton College and this game was a real nail biter. Ashburton had a lot of speed and one very strong tall player who the team set up and fed the ball to constantly. We were unable to match on height, so GHS had to keep her high, and out of the key, doubling up when she had the ball. Strategy was key for this game, and GHS implemented what Coach Craig told them do. Ashburton had players on 4 fouls, which GHS then capitalised on, resulting in their key player having to take the bench. It was very physical with everyone taking hard knocks. But they got back up and turned it over.

First 14-14; Second 26-31; Third 35-44; Final Score 57-55. GHS taking the win!

Sophie Whittaker was named Player of the Day for her grit and determination, defence and several key intercepts.

Game 3 – GHS went into this game knowing Waimea was a well established team, with a few key players, who were likely to dominate. GHS had some very sore tired bodies going into this game, and Waimea took advantage of that very quickly and gained a 2-18 lead. GHS managed to pull it back to 16-23 at the end of the first quarter. Second quarter GHS had their head in the game, and started doing some great plays, turning over the ball and netting some crucial shots but Waimea still held the lead of 28-31. Third quarter Waimea pulled away again, and some frustration set in for GHS and Waimea capitalised 37-52. Final quarter 54-70 Waimea.

Pyper Mahuika was named Player of the Day for her strong drives to the hoop, shooting and tight defence.

Image by: Sport Dept.

Monday 29th August – vs Marlborough Girls College and Nayland College

Game 4 – Another tight game that could have gone either way. Strategy again was the focus, due to their key player known to dominate on offence and speed, and ability to drive strong to the hoop as well as land 3 pointers. Unfortunately our shots just were not landing in this game, however the team was still right in the fight and only 3 points separated the teams at full time.

First 13-18; Second 23-29; Third 39-44; Final Score 52-55.

Isy Maiava was named Player of the Day for her amazing defence which caused Marlborough to lose possession, enabling GHS to gain turnovers. 

Image by: Sport Dept.

Game 5 – GHS went into this game feeling the effects of their loss against Marlborough and knowing that Nayland had achieved many big wins so far in the tournament and were likely contenders for the final. Nayland had a very talented side comprising mostly of the Nelson Girls U15 basketball team. However, GHS worked hard, supported each other, and showed that they were capable of playing well and of course the great attitude of never giving up.

First 10-22; Second 23-43; Third 23-43; Final Score 40-73

Millah Boniface was named Player of the Day for her outstanding defence, turnovers and shots. Millah came off the bench and really stood out in this game. She showed that she has skills to watch out for – Her team, coach and supporters were very proud!

Tuesday 30th August vs Cashmere HS and Waimea College

Game 6 – Semifinals for 5th-8th positions. GHS were pumped for this game, and ready to rebuild and show their abilities on the final day after their two losses the day before. GHS played so well as a team and the score reflected this excellent effort, particularly in the second half. 

First 12-10; Second 22-20; Third 46-27; Final Score 63-38

Player of the Day was Millah Bonifcace again for repeating what she did the day before!

Image by: Sport Dept.

Game 7 – 5th/6th Playoffs. GHS wanted to have a better game this time around against Waimea and they certainly did. One of those games where the score doesn’t really reflect how good the game was and how amazingly well GHS did. They never game up and just kept plugging away. Unfortunately our shots didn’t sink in the final quarter and they were unable to come away with a win this time despite being within reach in the first half.

First 12-18; Second 29-33; Third 35-47; Final Score 48-67

Elsie Johnstone was named Player of the Day for her efforts on defence which she kept up for the whole game. Elsie came off the bench and made an impact each time, playing tight defence and gaining steals each time. She hit the deck several times and still managed to steal the ball and pass her to her team off the floor – resulting in baskets.


Image by: Sport Dept.

Our team went to this SISS tournament with no players having secondary schools basketball experience with the cancellations from Covid impacts over the last two years. Some of this players had a taste of secondary school sport with netball, however both tournaments are very different for the experiences it gives. Most of this team had some West Coast representative experience, however this was also limited over the last few years of cancellations.

Coach Craig and I are very proud of how well they did placing 6th in a competitive Premier Grade Girls Competition. Aamaria Beal, Isy Maiava and Pyper Mahuika showed why they play in the A Grade in Greymouth with their skill level really stood out, and they played key rolls in effective plays that resulted in their team scoring baskets. These three players were also very supportive of their teammates and created opportunities for them to shine, while maintaining the depth of skill needed throughout the games.Millah Boniface came out firing against Cashmere and Nayland. She used her height and determination to box out and gain rebounds from missed shots, and securing them herself. She really showed that she has potential to build on. Elsie Johnstone and Indi Robins gave it their all each time they were on court. Again, these girls were knocked around and often knocked over but they got up every single time and carried on. These two also showed they have potential and skills that will only continue to develop the more court time they have. Neve Tacon is another player who gave more than 100% whenever she plays. Neve went for every opportunity whether it was to intercept, drive, shoot or rebound, she was there doing everything she could to get possession of the ball for her team. Sophie Whittaker has a very strong, effective ability to box out and we saw this many times in her games, and that gained possession for her team. Sophie is another player who gives it her all, and does her best to support her team. Phoebe Marris is our quiet workhorse, who always positions herself well, and is strong in the air on rebounds. Phoebe scored some crucial shots in this tournament, and she showed why she also has a lot of potential. 

Craig and I enjoyed our time with the team who were an absolute pleasure to take away on Tournament. They were respectful, very well behaved and supportive of each other. They can be proud of how well they represented Greymouth High School.