Timaru 29th August – 1st September

Our young senior team with five Y11s, two Y10s and three Y9s are looking forward to taking the court at such big tournament with 80 teams in attendance across three grades. Most of this team is used to playing indoor local so are looking forward to the challenge of getting on the outdoor courts!

Back in 2019 our team placed second in C Grade which promoted us to B Grade – this years team has the great challenge on taking on teams in the B Grade! Our team is full of quick players who can fill multiple positions, which is very handy for any coach.

The team has had a late change with JPII’s Ellie McBride unable to attend with a arm break during local netball, however JPII’s Olivia Johansen is on board to fill the spot!

Team: Grace Rhodes, Sasha Ellery, Reagan Boniface, Katelynn Ford, Summer Fahey, Leevy Lancaster, Breanna Turnbull, Hannah Hopkins, Bella Masters, Olivia Johansen (JPII)

Coach: Maddy Crawford – Manager: Kate Cronin

Thank you to our umpire Charlotte Perkins for being there for us!

Image by: Sport Dept.

Keep up to date with the teams results HERE – GHS in B Grade

Day 1:

  • G1 – 11am vs Verdon College
  • G2 – 2pm vs Gore High School

Day 2:

  • G3 – 10am vs Aparima College
  • G4 – TBC Depends on previous games

Day 3:

  • G5 – TBC Depends on previous games
  • G6 – Semifinals – TBC Depends on previous games 

Day 4:

  • G7 – Playoffs – TBC Depends on previous games

Image by: Sport Dept.