Week 5 of the InterHouse Competition

This week staff vs students took on multi-sport, this involved teams on each side of the court with the game master calling out a sport and how many needed to participate from each team, e.g. Netball, 3 people. First team to scores gets points.

We had participants have turns at basketball, indoor hockey, netball and touch. This is a great alternative to playing one sport the entire time as teams get to have a go at so many.

We heard A LOT of laughing in this weeks edition of Staff vs Students, we are seeing the crows grow and people really give it all on a Friday – great way to finish off the week with some friendly interhouse competition!

House Point Allocation for Multi-Sport

  • Rata = 10 
  • Pounamu = 8
  • Tawa = 10
  • Kahurangi = 4 

Friday 26th August we have BADMINTON on the court. This can be played in doubles or singles, and in the new gym we can have 3 courts going at once! Come along and give it a go!

Term 3 InterHouse Sport — Image by: Maddy Crawford