Awesome morning of challenges for our Year 9 cohort!

We were lucky enough to have the crew from Top Team Challenge visit the school on Tuesday 23rd March to put on a fantastic morning of activities for our Year 9 cohort.

The year group was split into 18 teams to compete in activities that involved water challenges, giant sack races, tower stacking, giant team skiing, slingshots and plenty of problem solving. It was fantastic to see all students laughing, smiling getting involved in all the challenges and working together as a team.

All the teams were split into house groups so those important house points were up for grabs! Every team contributed extremely well to house points – watch out for the next update of points in next weeks newsletter. Congratulations to Group 13 from Rata for taking out the event, then to Group 15 from Tawa locking in second place, Group 2 from Kahurangi and Group 14 from Rata for tying third place.

A huge thank you to our awesome group of student leaders and peer support leaders for doing a great job leading each activity, being enthusiastic and getting the Year 9s involved. We are very lucky to have such a great group of senior students who can easily step up to run events like this.

Thank you to Shani at Top Team for visiting the school, we had a two year break from Top Team visiting with being rained off in 2019 and covid stopping the event in 2020 so it was fantastic to have them back on site and bringing our Year 9 cohort together.