Do you want to represent the school on a multi day tournament – read more here!

Greymouth High School works hard to offer as many sporting opportunities as we can for our students. One of our major targets is the Winter Tournament Week window, during this time multiple teams travel around the country competing against other schools at their respective tournaments. 

We have nearly finalised out tournament basketball teams, however we have many opportunities in other sports for our students if they wish to attend – please see below about the other sports:

Image by: Sport Dept.

Reminder: As many of these tournaments compete during the same timeframe students can only attend one tournament.

  • Exception of Junior Netball as that is in July.
  • There can be the opportunity to attend two tournaments during Aug-Sept, however a discussion is needed with the parent/caregiver to outline the commitment a student would have.

Attending tournament for the school is a privilege not a right, multi factors come into play if a student wishes to attend:

  • Expectation of attending the tournament.
  • Fundraising to reduce individual costs.
  • Mandatory attendance at training (unless unwell, or other factor out of your control).
    • Good communication with Coach/Manager for why you cannot attend trainings.
  • 85%+ attendance rate.
  • Up to day with school work.
  • No behavioral or other school issues.

If attending tournament is something that you would like to do please speak to your parent/caregiver first then contact the Sports Coordinator to register your interest.