Tough day at the office for our younger boys, but always good learnings!

The U15 Boys were excited to get back out on the field after a very dominate game against Westland HS the week prior.

Unfortunately we were missing some of our speedy players through injury or illness on the day so our team line up was very different from the week prior. However, this group of hard working boys still had some fantastic moments throughout the game including some very strong defence in the middle of the park.

Thank you to referee Colin van der Geest for officiating and to AR’s Will England and Daniel Gibbens. We are always so grateful to have excellent officials like these assisting on the day.

It was great to have some of our injured players of Declyn KingLiam Gurden and Alex Clark on hand to be water boys and helpers for our coaches of Mr McGirr and Mr Haigh. Everyone involved in this team has been doing a great job at bringing them together as many play for various clubs in the local competition.

U15 Rugby Team vs JPII — Image by: Sport Dept.

PHOTOS – Thank you to the many photographers we had at the game, please follow the links below to check out some of the action!


The team moved the ball around well straight off the bat and Harvey Tacon – powerhouse player got in early for the first GHS try, Franklin Barry added the conversion. 

JPII got in shortly after our first try, using the ball very well moving our team side to side and got in at the corner just stretching or defence too far.

After a long series of play with ball in hand GHS got in for our second try with Kaleb Wisdom getting on the scorecard. The team did very well to stack up multiple phases 

JPII showed off their pace down the wing and they were just too fast to catch and got in for their second try of the half. 

JPII’s third try of the game was similar to the second using that excellent speed finding some extra space on the field, they also slotted a great conversation. JPII took the lead from GHS but it was only slim.

To round out the half JPII got in again this time combining speed with a couple of fantastic fends.

HALF TIME: Greymouth HS 12 – 22 John Paul II


After the break JPII came out of the blocks extremely well running in a huge 8 tries in the half. They used their speed extremely well knowing GHS were missing our own speedy players so could not catch them.

Callum Brown got in for GHS’s only try of the second half showing that we still had fight in us and it was shown throughout the second half even when JPII was so dominant.

Full credit to JPII for a fantastic performance, humbling the GHS boys after their own big win from the week prior. It is great to see so much talent is around the West Coast between the two major high schools, we plan to have a few more games against JPII – watch this space!

FULL TIME: Greymouth HS 17 – 64 John Paul II

NEXT GAME: GHS U15 vs Buller HS U15, Wednesday 19th May