HUGE 19 Team Tournament!

This year the West Coast Secondary School Badminton tournament was hosted in Greymouth on Thursday 12th May at the Westland Rec Centre which allowed for 8 courts to be in action at one time, therefore we could have more teams enter. In total we had 19 teams across the boys and girls grades competing on this big day of action. We had teams from Greymouth HS, John Paul II, Buller HS, South Westland AS and Westland HS with all schools entering one team in each competition and most entering more than one team. It just shows that our students are wanting to get out and play sport again after the many cancellations due to covid – even if it isn’t their top sport!

Image by: Sport Dept.

For each game of badminton teams played in doubles and singles making up a tie of 6 games and playing first to 15 points for pool games, finals to 21 points. Each game won awarded the winning team with 1 point and an extra winners point was added for winning the majority of games in that tie.

When you do a break down of how many games where played in the day it is crazy! In total 40 ties where played, each tie is 6 games therefore 240 games of badminton where played – Just unreal to see those figures! With all the games in action we had players stepping up and umpiring games for each other making the day flow even better, thank you so much for stepping up and taking charge of the games.

For Greymouth HS we had some last minute changes to personnel with some players being away sick, however we still had 6 teams with 25 students representing GHS. All our teams competed to the best of their ability and showed excellent sportsmanship representing the school proudly.

GHS Boys Competition Teams:

  • GHS A – Finlay Brown, Ella Beirne, Callum Brown, Charlie Taylor
  • GHS B – Wil van der Geest, Liam Gurden, Griffin Thomas, Max Welsford
  • GHS C – Zach Wilkins, Kaleb Steel, Will England, Harrison Whittaker

GHS Girls Competition Teams:

  • GHS A – Dakota Robins, Sasha Ellery, Sophie Whittaker, Indi Robins
  • GHS B – Harvilla Barrow, Iris Reynolds, Katelynn Ford, Mackenzie Gibson-Ewen, Brighid Gallagher
  • GHS C – Molly Meek, Olivia Cowie, Richard Meek, Kaleb Poulton

Congratulations to all our schools on attending this big day of sport!

Thank you to West Coast Badminton for allowing us to use the equipment and a special thank you to Graham Berry for being available for the day to ensure the mammoth amount of games could run smoothly.

Image by: Sport Dept.

Image by: Sport Dept.