11 teams, 2 competitions, 21 games – So much futsal action!

We hosted the WCSS Senior Futsal Tournament on Wednesday 17th March at our very own gym. This made for a very exciting day of action that included many of our students watching the action throughout the day.

Each game was only 7 minute halves, so teams needed to get into their work quickly to ensure they got on that scoreboard as games stayed as a draw during pool play. Teams were awarded 3 points for a win, +1 bonus point if they won by 5 or more goals, and teams who lost gained +1 bonus point if they lost by 2 points or less.

Both GHS boys teams made easy work of their pool play games and both headed to the semifinals in the top spot. GHS A again showed their talent with many of the boys having attended a Canterbury Futsal event previously and that experience was shown on the court. GHS B could not quite find the goal in their semifinal and were gutted to go down a single goal for JPII B to take the win. The 3rd/4th playoff between GHS B and JPII A was a tight one and GHS just edged through to take the win by one point. Similar in the 1st/2nd final it was a tight game, JPII B had improved a lot from their first encounter but our boys just snuck through to take the win by one point!

GHS A Boys: Yotam Perchig, Kayne Wall, Judah Wate, Ray Wate, Archie Johnstone, Adrian Bullimore, Ray Wate

GHS B Boys: Marty Rochford, Clark Fountain, Max Welsford, Kaleb Farmer, Bailey Russ.

In the girls competition there was no playoffs, only a round robin competition so every point was very important as places where decided off wins/loss/draws. Our girls finished the tournament with two wins, one loss and one draw. With the closeness of some games our girls picked up some important bonus points and in the final game they stormed home getting the bonus point on goals scored. This paid off big time as our girls took home the second place just a single point in front of SWAS. 

GHS Girls: Alyssa Blacktopp, Sophia Keown, Poppy Blu-Reyland, Pheonix Fowler, Caitlan Williams, Emma Boddy, Caitlin Boddy

Congratulations on such a fantastic day of futsal GHS teams!

Thank you to Mr Tangney for running the teams throughout the day and being on the whistle multiple times, he is a great asset to our schools and especially for our futsal/football mad students!

Image by: Results