Report from Mr Adams:

On Tuesday 15th of June a group of keen swimmers travelled to Westport for the West Coast Swimming Sports, an event where the best swimmers on the Coast have an opportunity to compete against other swimmers and celebrate their hard efforts training at local pools.

I had the privilege of taking four swimmers this year and along with the interesting music being played on the way up there, I really enjoyed and felt proud of the way our students held themselves and performed. The team consisted of Caitlyn Gallant and Richard Meek in Year 11, and Jess Gallant and Max Tollison in Year 9. Some notable achievements were our second place in the Freestyle 4x50m relay, Richard’s victory in the 50m and 100m Backstroke, Max’s 50m Freestyle 2nd showing great sprint speed, Caitlyn’s second in the Individual Medley (all four strokes raced) and Jess’ 50m breaststroke race. 

Each of these students can teach us all something: 

  • Richard – Entered in every event he was eligible for – a keenness to play full-out.
  • Jess – No longer swims but gave it a go – a give it a go attitude
  • Caitlyn – her hard work training at the Recreation Centre could teach us all perseverance and persistence
  • Max – whose quiet, humble demeanour despite his speed -humility.

Thank you to Sally Gallant for travelling to support the team and Lynne Berry for the great photos – PHOTO LINK