Congratulations to the below recipients of the 2020 WCBA Awards – Fantastic to see so many GHS players receiving awards!

Women’s B Grade

  • Champion: JPII Saints
  • Runner Up: GHS Tawa
  • First Round Winner: JPII Saints
  • Most Outstanding Offensive Player: Pyper Mahuika (GHS Rata)
  • Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Emma Boddy (GHS Rata)
  • Most Improved Offensive Player: Bronah Gibbens (JPII Saints)
  • Most Improved Defensive Player: Shialla Steel (GHS Tawa)
  • Highest Points Scorer: Phoenix Smith (JPII Saints) 152 points
  • Most Valuable Player: Phoenix Smith (JPII Saints)

Women’s A Grade

  • Champion: GHS Senior Girls
  • Runner Up: Star
  • First Round Winner: Star
  • Most Outstanding Offensive Player: Anna Fahey (Star)
  • Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Maddison Crawford (Flamingos)
  • Most Improved Offensive Player: Hannah Kelsall / Caitlan Williams (GHS Juniors Girls)
  • Most Improved Defensive Player: Puni Moananu (GHS Senior Girls)
  • Highest Points Scorer: Ella Mahuika (GHS Junior Girls) 181 points
  • Most Valuable Player: Ella Rae-Wood (GHS Senior Girls)

Men’s C Grade

  • Champion: GHS Warriors
  • Runner Up: GHS Lakers
  • First Round Winner: GHS Lakers
  • Most Outstanding Offensive Player: Corbin Bugler (GHS Lakers)
  • Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Jack Newman (GHS Warriors)
  • Most Improved Offensive Player: Harvey Tacon (GHS Lakers)
  • Most Improved Defensive Player: Blake Cleland (GHS Warriors)
  • Highest Points Scorer: Corbin Bugler (GHS Lakers) 95 points
  • Most Valuable Player: Kade Johnson (GHS Warriors)

Men’s B Grade

  • Champion: Jesters Old Boys
  • Runner Up: GHS Raptors
  • First Round Winner: Jesters Old Boys
  • Most Outstanding Offensive Player: Theo Barnett (GHS Raptors)
  • Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Antonio Verhoeven (JPII Marist)
  • Most Improved Offensive Player: Reece Duggan (JPII Marist)
  • Most Improved Defensive Player: Luke Morgan (GHS Bros)
  • Highest Points Scorer: Peter Bradley-Kee (GHS Bros) 141 points
  • Most Valuable Player: Sonny Haldene (GHS Junior Boys)

Men’s A Grade

  • Champion: Tropics
  • Runner Up: Jesters
  • First Round Winner: Tropics
  • Most Outstanding Offensive Player: Liam Williamson (Tropics)
  • Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Mitchell Kirby (Tropics)
  • Most Improved Offensive Player: Leo Smith (JPII Bishops)
  • Most Improved Defensive Player: Jack Olsen (Dudes)
  • Highest Points Scorer: Liam Williamson (Tropics) 215 points
  • Most Valuable Player: Jared Hibbs (Magicians)

Individual Awards

  • 1st Year Player in Senior Competition: Mac Gibson (JPII Bishops)
  • Certificate of Merit for Refereeing: Caitlan Williams / Jack Byrne / Charlie Taylor / Lofa Leleifua / Pyper Mahuika / Lochie Gibson
  • Most Improved Referee: Miko Ginivan-Barrow
  • Most Valuable Person: Kiri Russell
  • Rover Cup of Merit for Duty, Dress and Service: Cameron Birchfield (Dudes)
  • Bill Stanley Trophy for Duty, Dress and Service: Maddy Crawford (Flamingos)
  • Most Valuable U20 Player: Ella Mahuika (GHS Junior Girls) and Ano Vernhoeven (JPII Marist)
  • Ellen Gilbert Fair Play Award: Francis Chapman (GHS Bucks)
  • Mickey Brownlee 110% Trophy: Caleb Mahuika (JPII Bishops)
  • Club Coach of the Year: Derek Chizuni (JPII Saints)
  • Representative Coach of the Year: Fi Ginivan