A busy last week at the WRC for basketball with semifinals on the Wednesday followed by finals on the Saturday – Read below for some exciting results!

On behalf of Greymouth High School’s 12 (yes, we had 12 teams this year!) basketball teams we would like to extend a huge amount of appreciation and thanks to the hard working WCBA Executive Committee for making the 2020 season happen, you put in a lot of volunteer hours and we cannot thank you enough. We would also like to thank the many volunteer referees, without these important people competitions like ours cannot go ahead.

We would also like to make a special THANK YOU to all our volunteer coaches, assistant coaches and managers who were involved with GHS teams in 2020, without these excellent giving people we could not have an many teams involved in the competition like we do.

GHS Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers:

Men’s A Grade:

  • GHS Snr Boys – Head Coach Liam Williamson, Assistant Coach Jack Olsen, Manager Ms Truter

Men’s B Grade:

  • GHS Raptors – Manager Cindy Newton
  • GHS Bros – Coach/Managers Kayla Hibbs and Kiri Russell
  • GHS Junior Boys – Head Coach Robbie Barrow, Manager Ms Truter
  • GHS Bucks – Coach Mr Robinson

Men’s C Grade:

  • GHS Warriors: Co-Coaches Joseph Cotterill and Alex Fraser, Manager Mr Haigh
  • GHS Lakers: Co-Coaches Theo and Niko Barnett, Manager Yvette Roche
  • GHS Thunder: Head Coach Francis Chapman, Manager Calib Gurden

Women’s A Grade:

  • GHS Senior Girls – Head Coach Cameron Birchfield, Assistant Coach Mathew Wood
  • GHS Junior Girls – Head Coach Fi Ginivan, Managers Wendy Williams, Taina Wakefield

Women’s B Grade:

  • GHS Tawa – Head Coach Jessie Trevathan
  • GHS Rata – Head Coach Maddy Crawford

Men’s A Grade – FINAL Tropics vs Jesters

As always in Men’s A Grade it is a super tight and passionate tussle for that top spot, this game was no different. 2020 was the year Tropics finally got up after always being in the mix in previous years. In this game there was plenty of former GHS players involved – Tropics: Liam Williamson, Joe Lunn, Corbin McMillian. Jesters: Brett Geerin, Zak Nicol, James Bell, Euan Barrow, Kieran Russell, Zeal Calvert – Great to see so many still playing the great game!

Final Score: Tropics 77 – Jesters 74

Players of the game – Tropics: Jamie Kearns; Jesters: Brett Geerin

Game livestreams Part 1, Part 2

Men’s B Grade – FINAL Jesters Old Boys vs GHS Raptors

This was a tight game throughout with teams being evenly matched on size and speed, at times the OBs used their mature heads a wee bit more which kept them calm in critical situations. The Raptors played with a lot of heart and you can tell these boys have really put in the work with their basketballing skills – most of this team is hard to get out of the gym as they would shoot the ball all day long if we let them! First quarter OBs took a thin 7-6 lead, as you can tell a very low scoring quarter as both teams took a while to settle into the game. Second quarter saw both teams being able to score more freely and OBs stretched the lead to 25-20. In the third Player of the Game Sam Johnson lit up scoring 9 of the Raptors 11 points, the team also worked hard on defense meaning OBs only scored 4 points, Raptors took the lead 31-29. Forth quarter it could have been anyone’s game, this was where OBs used their seasoned heads and unfortunately Raptors got a bit flustered, even though the Raptors didn’t get the W there was ONLY 3 points in it and you couldn’t ask for more in a final. Well done boys!

Final Score: Jesters OB 45 – GHS Raptors 42

Players of the game – Jesters OB: Calib Gurden; Raptors: Sam Johnson

Game livestream footage

Men’s B Grade Playoffs – Wednesday 26/08/20

On Wednesday night we had some of our other GHS playing off in their respect playoff games.

GHS Bros vs JPII Marist (5th/6th)

The Bros were late out of the gate to start the game that saw Marist take the first quarter lead 18-10. A fantastic second quarter lead by Bros Luke Morgan scoring 9 points in this quarter, enabled Bros to take a slim 26-24 lead going into the half time break, both team knowing their was a good battle to come! Third quarter Marist just pipped Bros to start the last quarter leading by one point, 38-37. The Bros lost to this team by two points in the season and they didn’t want to have that happen again, Alex Le Vallaint and Peter Bradley-Kee made sure of it scoring all the points in the last quarter to give the Bros the win! FINAL SCORE: GHS Bros 49 – JPII Marist 46

GHS Junior A Boys vs GHS Bucks (7th/8th)

These two teams have had a tough year battling it out in the competitive 8 team grade that is Men’s B Grade for 2020, however both teams continue to turn up each week, play with their heart on their sleeve and never give up – we love to see this type of attitude among our GHS Sport Representatives! In the season the Juniors scored a massive 71-27 win over the Bucks so their heads where up going into this game. Juniors came out with a huge 26-12 first quarter hinting that the previous encounter could be on the cards again. Bucks pulled together and came out fighting in the second quarter just taking it 14-12 pulling in the lead ever so slightly that the Juniors had over them. Another huge quarter from the Bucks (18 points) brought them even closer to the Juniors, with there only being a 6 point gap at the end of the third. The Juniors were not happy with the scoreline and let the buckets speak for themselves putting on an impressive 25 points in the final quarter, it was a real team effort to finish the game with multiple of the Juniors getting on the sheet. FINAL SCORE: GHS Junior Boys 76 – GHS Bucks 62

Men’s C Grade – FINAL GHS Lakers vs GHS Warriors

This final has Lakers sitting at #1 on the table against Warriors who in first round where sitting at the bottom of the table, they had two previous encounters sitting at one game each so this final was going to be a good one! First quarter the Warriors came out sprinting racking up an 18-8 lead quickly, the Lakers seemed a bit taken aback by the occasion not playing like they normally do. Second quarter is was a different story this time Laker scoring with ease outscoring the Warriors, lead by Corbin Bugler who scored half the points in this quarter 20-8. This pushed the Lakers into a 2 point lead going into the half time break. Third quarter saw the Lakers continuing to find the net scoring 18 points to the Warriors 14, just pushing out that lead to 46-40. In the final quarter the Warriors showed up, using their bigger bench well and the Lakers were getting very tired with only having 6 players on the day. Jack Newman and Declyn King from the Warriors scored a lot, contributing to the massive 23 point quarter from the boys in white, the Lakers still finishing well with 11 points but they just ran out of puff. This was a great game which could have been taking by either side! We were very lucky to have four of our Year 11 boys stepping up and coaching the two teams this season, the young players have learnt a lot from you all and we love to see the brotherhood and pride for the game you have created within these teams.

Final Score: GHS Warriors 63 – GHS Lakers 57

Players of game – Lakers: LeBron Mason-Anderson; Warriors: Declyn King

Game livestream footage – NOTE: Shared with B Grade Women’s Final

Women’s A Grade – Star vs GHS Senior Girls

The GHS Senior Girls took on top of the table team Star in the Women’s A Grade, unfortunately for Star two of their starting guards were injured playing netball earlier in the day and could not take the court. For GHS they were able to dominate the front line without Star having these two players and boy did our team do well! GHS quickly ran out to a 20-8 lead over the women’s side in the first quarter with multiple players getting their names on the scoresheet. Second quarter was much of the same from GHS, using their speed and quick hands to disrupt the play of Star, this quarter racking up 24-9 points stretching the gap to a huge 44-17 going into the half time break. Star were not to be outdone and started to show the form that got them to the finals winning the quarter 20-15, GHS just seemed to slow down with the hunger they had in the first half. Star started to close the gap to 59-37 going into the final quarter. Once again GHS used their quick skills and ability to score off the fast break to keep Star at bay, even though Star still won this quarter 16-15 but fortunately for GHS they had made such a dominating stamp on the game in the first Star simply couldn’t come back.

Final Score: GHS Senior Girls 74 – Star 53

Players of game – GHS Senior Girls: Puni Moananu ; Star: Anna Fahey

Game livestream footage

This team now wait and see if they have been selected to attend the Secondary School Basketball Nationals hopefully to be hosted in Palmerston North in the September/October school holidays – fingers crossed team!

Women’s B Grade – JPII Saints vs GHS Tawa

JPII Saints have had a dominating year at the top of Women’s B Grade with no other team getting close to them. Saints are full of talented, athletic players who used all their skills to their advantage over the weaker 3 teams in the grade. Tawa team showed up strong in the very first quarter letting Saints know they may have a fight on their hands, Saints only held a 5 point lead at the end of the first quarter 18-13. Obviously that was the scare Saints needed to find their from and they netted 24 points to Tawa’s 6 in the second quarter pushing the lead out to 42-19. The third and forth quarters were similar stories, 24-8 and 24-6. The Tawa side fort hard throughout the game and played with a lot of heart but the much smaller and younger side (we had 5 primary school players in this team) were not a match for the strong Saints team. Safe to stay the ‘final’ for this team was their thriller of a semifinal against GHS Rata where Tawa just took the win 55-51! Well done on your season girls, was great to see you all improving and getting more confident on the court throughout the year.

Final Score: JPII Saints 90 – GHS Tawa 33

Players of game – Saints: Phoenix Smith; Tawa: Aamaria Beal

Game livestream footage – NOTE: Shared with C Grade Men’s Final