See which GHS teams have locked in a semifinal and playoff spot for 2020!

NOTE 1: On Wednesday 12th August when basketball was cancelled all teams were given a DRAW, awarded 1 point each.

NOTE 2: Any grade with 4 teams has 1st place go straight to finals, 2nd vs 3rd is the semifinal and 4th place has now finished their season.

REMINDER: As we are currently in Alert Level 2 there can be NO spectators in the stadium or foyer. Players, Coaches, Managers and Officials must sign in prior to your game.

Men’s C Grade

GHS Lakers had a very strong first round of competition not dropping a game which meant they gained the full 6 points. Round two was a bit tougher, with a draw against GHS Thunder and a loss to GHS Warriors. However, their first round performance sealed the top spot for them meaning they advance straight to finals. 

GHS Thunder notched up two wins and a very tight loss to Lakers leaving them on 4 points and 2nd in the grade. Second round they lost to an improving Warriors and took an important win over JPII Deacons that just made them hold onto the 2nd place spot.

GHS Warriors did not have the best first round not gaining a win but second round they really started to come out of their skin! They took a win off Thunder and upset a undermanned Lakers in the last round of the competition. They have overtaken the JPII Deacons to take the 3rd place spot sending them to semifinals.

Men’s C Grade Semifinal: GHS Thunder vs GHS Warriors; GHS Lakers straight through to final.

Men’s B Grade

GHS Bucks are a mixed team from Year 9 through to Year 13 and have really put their heart into basketball for 2020, it has not played off as they had hoped but we love to see them giving it their all week in week out. Plus these team looked very smart with the newest basketball uniforms at GHS, a great bright blue and orange combination. The Bucks will be taking on the GHS Junior Boys for the 7th/8th playoff.

GHS Junior Boys have had a tough but good season among fully grown men and senior high school boys. They would have torn C Grade to pieces so being tested every week in B Grade has seen them all improve a great deal. It is a shame this group does not get to attend winter tournament week like the rest of our teams due to Covid, as we believe they would have put in an impressive showing. They will be playing the GHS Bucks for the 7th/8th playoff.

GHS Bros are a team full of a lot of potential but at times struggled with some number meaning games they should have won were just out of their grasp. In saying that the boys worked very hard and came together as a team on many occasions to produce fine basketballing efforts. The Bros take on JPII Marist for the 5th/6th playoff, Marist just pipped the Bros in regular competition 58-60 so expect another close encounter!

GHS Raptors are the only GHS through to the semifinals, they have had an excellent season thus far only dropping one game in the last round of competition to the top of the table Jesters Old Boys by 5 points. This is a very talented team of Year 11/12 boys who are always in the gym scrimmaging at breaktimes, and would happily be there all day if we let them. Raptors will be taking on the men’s team of the Pirates in their semifinal, they bet them during the regular season 61-39 so will be hoping to put on another performance like that to lock in a finals spot.

Men’s B Grade Semifinals: GHS Raptors vs Pirates; Jesters Old Boys vs JPII Marist

Women’s B Grade

In this grade GHS Tawa and GHS Rata have been battling for the 2nd spot all season behind #1 team JPII Saints who have not dropped a game. This grade squeezed in two rounds that saw Tawa just edge out Rata 57-54 in round one but in round two Rata got a strong 73-51 win over an undermanned Tawa. It is all on for their semifinal as their is nothing between these two teams, yet another semifinal to keep an eye on!

Women’s B Grade Semifinals: GHS Tawa vs GHS Rata; JPII Saints straight through to final.


Men’s A Grade Final: Tropics vs Jesters

Women’s A Grade Final: Star vs GHS Senior Girls