The 2020 Netball season has wrapped up, see below for the winners of the grades!

Saturday was a busy day for the netballers at GHS, grand finals and playoff games where played throughout the day at ANZAC Park, Westland Rec Centre and at the Westland HS Gym. The finals games scheduled to play outside at ANZAC Park in the morning had to move up to the Westland Rec Centre due to flooding which made for an exciting opportunity for those who normally play outside.

Congratulations to all the GHS players in their various clubs for their playoff or finals performances, there were was excellent games over the weekend. Thank you to WCNC for working hard behind the scenes for making this season possible, under the circumstances we were VERY lucky to be able to play netball in 2020.

McBride Vision was on hand to film some of the games at the WRC due to the restrictions in place, check out the link to see the games – Premier B Secondary 3rd/4th Playoff, Premier B Senior FINAL, Premier A FINAL

DiGiSport – Bill Phillips was also at the games to capture some of the action, all photos can be purchased from Bill.

InterCentre Premier A

  • Champion HSOG A, Runner Up HCC, 3rd Old Girls Black, 4th Cobden A, 5th Star United A

InterCentre Premier B Senior

  • Champion Cobden B, Runner Up HSOG B, 3rd Old Girls White, 4th Paroa A, 5th Kotare A, 6th South Westland, 7th Kotare B

InterCentre Premier B Secondary

  • Champion WHS A, Runner Up CSC A, 3rd GHS A, 4th Cobden C, 5th WHS B, 6th GHS B

West Coast Premier B Secondary

  • Champion CSC A, Runner Up GHS A, 3rd Cobden C, 4th GHS B


  • Champion Paroa, Runner Up Kotare C, 3rd HSOG C, 4th Kotare D, 5th Kotare E 

Senior Secondary

  • Champion Cobden D, Runner Up CSC B, 3rd HSOG D, 4th Cobden E

1st Grade

  • Champion CSC C, Runner Up Cobden Jnr A, 3rd Karoro School A, 4th Cobden Jnr B

2nd Grade

  • Champion Paroa Jnr A, Runner Up CSC Jnr A, 3rd Star United Jnr A, 4th HSOG Jnr A, 5th Karoro School B