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Emergency Contact Person

We will always try to contact the carer named above first, however, should we be unable to do so, we require the name of an emergency contact person who is not named above e.g. a grandparent, aunt or uncle, friend, neighbour, or another trusted person. This person will not routinely be sent school information.

Medical Information

Can your child be given Panadol & Ibuprofen at school?

Medical Conditions

Extra Learning Assistance

Has your child received extra support for learning at previous schools?
Does your child have a specialist report (psychologist, literacy assessor etc.)?

Bus Transport

Will this student be travelling by bus?
Please select the bus route student will use:
Will this student be dropped off at the door or within walking distance of home?

Emergency Bus Billet

Please provide details of a person located in town who we can contact if buses are not operating:

Bus Transport Code of Conduct

I understand and accept the following school bus rules:

• When I am a seated passenger, I will remain in my seat for the whole journey

• I will not eat on the bus or throw anything inside or out of the bus

• If I am a standing passenger, I will stand quietly and not push or move around the bus

• I will respect other students and their property at all times (this includes pushing, verbal or physical abuse, or any other behaviour that may distract the driver)

• I will use socially acceptable language when conversing with the driver and/or other students and I will not speak at a volume that may distract the driver

• I will respect the property of the bus operator at all times (e.g. refraining from standing on seats or vandalising the vehicle in any way

• I will not engage in any behaviour that could put the driver or other students at risk

• I will observe the requirements and instructions of the bus driver and the teacher/s responsible for bus duty at all times

• I understand that any damage I cause to the bus will result in my caregiver being billed for the cost of repairs

• My behaviour at all times will reflect our “Arch Values”

The safety and comfort of everyone on the bus depends on a standard of behaviour and consideration for others that is expected in the classroom. We hope that caregivers will support the school in maintaining these standards of behaviour.


• The student will be placed on daily report for one week and the caregiver will be notified immediately

• If no improvement is evident after one week, an interview will be arranged between the student, caregiver(s), and school

• If there is still no improvement, travel on a school bus will be withdrawn, and the caregiver will be required to find alternative transport to get the student to school

In extreme cases of misbehaviour, the privilege of travelling on a school bus could be withdrawn immediately.

School philosophy and Standards: Partnership

Our community has high expectations for our staff and students. To achieve the best possible learning for our students, we need to work in partnership: Board, Staff, Parents, and Students. We ask parents/caregivers and the enrolling student to commit to and sign the following statement in support of the Partnership.

As parent/s or caregiver/s of a student at Greymouth High School, I/we accept the Values of the school that have been established by the Greymouth High School Board of Trustees (see below) and behavioural expectations and rules that support the Values.

 I/we acknowledge that these Values are in place to support all students to achieve as per the school’s Vision (see below).

 I/we are aware that the details of the student uniform and personal appearance are published in the Parent's Guide and the and that these will be adhered to.

School behaviour standards are stated in the Parents’ Guide, the Student Handbook and in posters in many parts of the school. School routines are published in the Student Handbook and Behaviour Management System.

Education Outside the Classroom Consent at Enrolment

Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) is the name given to all events/activities that occur outside the classroom, both on- and off-site. EOTC includes sport and recreation; cultural experiences; and the range of subjects offered to students. EOTC is part of the curriculum of Greymouth High School because we believe that it is beneficial to students to see things ‘for real’, to experience movement and adventure.

Parental consent

For any event that has a perceived risk greater than usual ‘in classroom’ activities, or any event overnight, or any event taking your child out of class for more than a period or costing you money, you will be asked for informed consent. This means you should be helped to understand the risks and only give consent when you are happy that we have managed the risks appropriately.

For events that are of ‘normal’ risk and take place during a school period without costing you money, we ask for parental consent at time of enrolment (see enrolment form). This means that you have accepted that we will manage risks appropriately and that we do not need to ask you for consent at the time.

Risk management

We take our responsibility for your child’s safety seriously. All EOTC activities require staff to undertake an analysis of the risks and identify the management strategies required to eliminate, isolate and minimize those risks. At GHS we use a risk analysis management system (RAMS) and safe activity plans (SAP). The documentation is available from the teacher in charge of any activity for which you’re being asked to consent to. While pre-event planning is vital, the actions of staff as managers of the students is most important in risk management.

Every activity contains an element of risk, including doing nothing! It is our view that risk, managed appropriately, can be beneficial to student learning. “Acceptable risk” relies on communication so that you can decide what is acceptable to you.


It is expected that parents/caregivers are informed in advance of the events/activities through letters, newsletters and the website. An EOTC letter should state all relevant details including risks. If you have any questions, you should ask them before signing consent. It is the responsibility of parents/caregivers to inform school of changes to contact and/or medical details and to alert teachers in charge of EOTC to any specific concerns.

Privacy Act

Information contained in this form will not be released to any unauthorised person or agency (as detailed in the Privacy Act).

Parental Consent for School Publications

I understand that photographs taken by the school may be used to promote the school in various publications including the school website and Facebook page and agree that my child’s photograph may be used for this purpose.

Parents/Caregiver Financial Responsibility

The funding received by schools only provides for the basic curriculum delivery. We pride ourselves by offering enhanced learning opportunities for all students. To allow this we rely on contributions from parents/caregivers. These contributions are detailed in the course outlines and on the stationery lists.


Does your child come from a Toki Pounamu School?
Do you need to purchase a Chromebook?

Parents Association

Our role is to

  • Support student activities at our school
  • Support school activities
  • Organise activities to raise funds

The Parents’ Association meets on the second Wednesday of each month during term time. Meetings are informative and include a report from the Principal about the school. These meetings are advertised in the school Newsletter.

We welcome your involvement.

I would like to be involved and know more about the GHS Parents’ Association

Responsible Use Agreement for Cell Phones and Digital Devices

Greymouth High School prefers student cell phones to be kept at home. If a parent/caregiver judges that a cell phone is needed and a student brings a cell phone to school, such cell phones are not the responsibility of the GHS staff or board and no liability is accepted in the event of loss or breakage. At the beginning of each lesson, cell phones have to be turned off or silent and placed in either the box provided or inside the student’s bag.

Conditions of Use

I will comply with the school rules regarding cell phone use.  I understand that my cell phone must be turned off or silent and must be placed in the class box provided or my bag at the start of each lesson. I understand that if a cell phone is used in class it will be confiscated for the day and I will not be allowed to collect it until after 3.05 pm from the student office.  I understand the consequences of inappropriate use of a cell phone.

I agree that I will:

  • Respect others, use appropriate language at all times, and not slander or defame anyone.
  • Not disclose personal information about anyone using my cell phone. This includes disclosing a person’s real name, telephone number, address, or any other information which could be used against them.
  • Not be in possession of, send, access, or store any material that is obscene or offensive or inappropriate.
  • Use the cell phone responsibly and at the agreed times.
  • Not use my cell phone to send false information.
  • Respect the privacy of communications belonging to others.
  • Not use my cell phone to send messages that bully or harass other students or pass on defamatory information about others.
  • Not download inappropriate material from the Internet to a cell phone.
  • Report any security problems regarding the use of a cell phone to a teacher.
  • Be responsible for the security of the phone during the school day.
  • Ensure that if I lend my cell phone to someone else that I will take responsibility for the appropriate use of it.


When submitting your application, please attach all relevant documentation including:

  • Certificate or passport | Visa
  • Legal custody | access information
  • Relevant medical information - including proof of immunisations
  • Bus transport details
  • Extra learning assistance information
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