To tatou iwi

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs Samantha Mortimer

Deputy Principal

Mrs Jayne Wheeler

Deputy Principal

Mr Rowan Haigh

Assistant Principal

Mr Ian Johnson

Executive Officer

Ms Raewyn McKnight

Heads of Department

Social Science

Mr Lindsay Robertson

Ext 847


Mr Rodgers Chihwai

Ext 843

Career Services Leader

Mr John DeGoldi

Ext 826

The Arts

Mrs Wendy Fleming

Ext 836


Dr Michael Hunter

Ext 834

Physical Education/Health – Acting

Mrs Kate Cronin

Ext 845

Physical Education/Health – Acting

Mr Thomas Henderson

Ext 845


Ms Sandra Quick

Ext 857

Learning Support

Mrs Miriam Rees

Ext 863

HOLA Business

Ms Susi Thompson

Ext 837

Deans 2022

Year 9

Mrs Kate Cronin

Year 10

Ms Ann Kieran

Year 11

Whaea Kylie Bellis

Year 12

Mr John DeGoldi

Year 13

Mr Thomas Henderson

Teaching Staff

Mrs Anna Bermingham

Ms Annie Breeze

Mrs Shelly Chapman

Ms Joanne Cheeseman

Whaea Erin Connolly

HoLA Primary and Food Technology

Mrs Su Coutts

Mrs Kate Cronin

Mr Andrew Dempster

Mrs Donna Ellis

Learning Support Coordinator

Ms Lauren Evans

Mr Kent Gallagher

Ms Susie Gilroy

Mrs Kate Halls

Mrs Lisa Johnson

Ms Léhanri Kirton

Ms Sarah Kemp

Mr Brett Lomey

Mr Ben Louie

Mrs Tealy Lynch

Mr Tom McGirr

Assistant HoD Science

Mr Joe Mason

Mr McDonald Mugonapanja

Mr Johannes Olivier

HoLA General Technology

Dr Nicola Petty

Mrs Ella Peneamene

Miss Jana Roos

Assistant HoD Languages

Mr Nick Secker

Mr Rajasegar Selvasegaran

Ms Susan Smith

Ms Laura Starling

Miss Clairol Tiden

Miss Lara Thompson

Mr Te Marunui Toki

Miss Sian Utton

Whaea Ann Zachan

Support Staff


Kaitakawaenga /School-Home Partnership Promoter

Mrs Kiri Russell
027 200 5666 / Ext 850

Student Support

Student Support

Mrs Yvette Roche

Guidance Counsellor

Guidance Counsellor

Miss Allie Caddie

Guidance Counsellor

Guidance Counsellor

Ms Shona Preston



Ms Sue Calder


Sports Coordinator

Miss Maddy Crawford
Ext 839


Attendance and Engagement Kaiāwhina

Rob Evans


Gateway Coordinator

Jacinda McBride
Ext. 888

Growth Project

Learning Coach

Mr A Hayward

Science  / Te Kura 

Science Technician / Te Kura Support

Mrs Lyn Rothery

West Coast Trades Academy

WCTA Project Coordinator

Ms K Hibbs
027 602 4824

West Coast Trades Academy

WCTA Manager

Ms T Washer
027 468 7681


Senior Administrative Assistant

Mrs Elaine Bruce

Ext 840


Executive Assistant

Miss Emily Westacott

Ext 852